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and other contributions, original research and personal memories.

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Feb 06, 2014

Kremlin Montana's History: The People, Their Land, Their Stories

Kremlin Montana's History began with the building of the Great Northern Railway and continued with the homestead acts offering free land for settlers.

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Dec 25, 2012

Kremlin Homesteader Jule Jensen, 1910

Kremlin Homesteader Jule Jensen: A prominent figure in the growth of the Kremlin Community, Jule M. Jensen arrived in 1910. He was agent for International Harvester Co. and built, owned and operated the International Harvester hardware and implement store in Kremlin. He had a Ford dealership and was Kremlin's postmaster from 1912-1914.

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Sep 30, 2012

Kremlin Montana City Directory 1938

Kremlin Montana City Directory 1938: Population 300, located 20 miles west of Havre, the Hill County seat and banking point, on the Great Northern Railroad, Frank Horeish, Postmaster.

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Sep 27, 2012

Kremlin-Gildford Church of the Brethren

A group of German Baptists (known as Bunkers) emigrated to Montana about 1910-1911 settling from the Kremlin-Gildford area north to the Milk River. The Kremlin-Gildford Church of the Brethren congregation was organized in 1912 with J. A. Brumbaugh as Pastor. They met in homes of members, then in the pastor's home, and in 1918 built the Church.

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Jan 02, 2012


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Jun 22, 2011

Kremlin Lutheran Church Begins, 1911

The Kremlin Lutheran Church began when a small group of Norwegian homesteaders met On June 14, 1911, in the little yellow two-room school house with the firm purpose of establishing a Lutheran congregation. Their handwritten documents of intent and organization survive today.

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Jun 19, 2011

Kremlin Montana Banking Activities in the Early Days Included Selling Horses, Harnesses, Buicks, and Crop Insurance.

Kremlin Montana banking for Assistant Cashier included mopping the bank floor after a busy day in the horse business as just part of the job!

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Jun 19, 2011

Kremlin's First Businesses: Everything from a Livery Barn to a Ford Dealership!

Kremlin Montana's first businesses included saloons, lumberyards, hotels, restaurants, and stores. The Variety Store sold delicious homemade ice cream!

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Jun 19, 2011

Kremlin Settler Odin Sjordal, 1913

Kremlin Settler Odin Sjordal: Odin O. Sjordal was born June 8, 1872 in Minnesota. He married May Belle Peters in North Dakota in 1903, moved to Kremlin in 1913 and started a General Store, open through late 1929. Odin and May had nine children.

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Jun 15, 2011

Kremlin Montana Methodist Church History

The Nannie Rogers Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church (Kremlin Montana Methodist Church) began around 1911 when many homesteaders filed on acreage in the Kremlin area. The congregation was first served by Charles Sumner Davis who had a homestead north of Kremlin, probably until 1921 when he moved to Mapleton, Oregon.

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Jun 15, 2011

Kremlin Homesteader James Holsapple, 1912

Kremlin Homesteader James Holsapple: James F. Holsapple and his father-in-law Franklin Mansfield came together from Minnesota on a Immigrant car with their belongings. Franklin's wife, Mary Jane McDonald Mansfield and James'oldest son Roland Holsapple came at the same time. Holsapples homesteaded land in section 32.14 Section 18 adjoining Emery's and Schend's land, about five miles southwest of Fresno.

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Jun 15, 2011

Kremlin Homesteader Walter Mansfield, 1913

Kremlin Homesteader Walter Mansfield: Walter Mansfield came to homestead 320 acres three miles southeast of Kremlin, Montana in 1913. His father Franklin E. Mansfield, and brother-in-law James Holsapple followed and homesteaded five miles southeast of Kremlin.

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Apr 17, 2011

Kremlin Homesteader Andrew Dees, 1910

Kremlin Homesteader Andrew Dees: Mr. Dees was born in Kongsberg, Norway, on November 19, 1888, and raised on a small farm in Norway. He came to America in 1906, and to Kremlin, Montana in 1910 and filed on a homestead six miles south of Kremlin.

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Jul 07, 2010

Kremlin Homesteader Ross Cameron, 1917

Kremlin Homesteader Ross Cameron: Early in March of 1917 Ross sold his farm in Illinois, and held an auction sale. At the request of the children the family dog was not sold. The dog rode to Kremlin, Montana in the freight car with other belongings.

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Jul 05, 2010

Kremlin Montana Townsite's Title Abstract

Kremlin Montana Townsite's Title Abstract shows that the original 160 acre townsite was purchased from the Government on May 15, 1911, by Charles E Miller for $1.25 per acre, a total of $200.

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Jul 04, 2010

South Gildford Lutheran Church

South Gildford Lutheran Church was started about 1914. The founders of this church were: Willard Holo, Edward I. Rice, August Fisk and wife, Elmer Hoff (he donated the land), Olaf Melby, Sol Melby, Mons Borlaug, Marius Hanson and wife, and Mabel and Lloyd Johnson.

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Jul 02, 2010

Kremlin Montana History Search

Kremlin Montana History Search allows you to quickly search the entire website for all instances of a name or something else you may be interested in. The Search is powered by Google and if what you're looking for is on, you'll be able to find it fast!

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Jul 01, 2010

Kremlin School History: A Detailed View

Kremlin School history in detail, covering the years 1911-1947. School Board members, Teachers, and Students plus other historical information!

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Jun 30, 2010

Kremlin Homesteader Lee Kezar, 1913

Kremlin Homesteader Lee Kezar: Lee Kezar was born July 31, 1888, in Wisconsin to Clancy and Alice Kezar. He was a light heavyweight boxer and could still do the splits when he was in his 80's! He played the French horn in a band in North Dakota, and later played the fiddle at dances in Kremlin. He homesteaded 9 miles northwest of Kremlin, Montana.

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Jun 29, 2010

Kremlin Homesteader Fred Swartout, 1913

Kremlin Homesteader Fred Swartout: Fred Swartout, his wife Mabel, and 3½-year-old daughter Marion came to Kremlin, Montana from Champlin, Minnesota in the year 1913, homesteading five miles south of Kremlin. He did his farming with horses as the other farmers did at the time. When the crops were poor, he worked for the Great Nothern Railroad.

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